"I have worked with Gabriella Jones Litchfield for more than seven years and have known her professionally for nearly a decade. We met in France at the international television market, when she was handling international licensing for Oregon Public Broadcasting. I was impressed by her sales skills and how buyers responded to her genuine, warm personality. When she left OPB, I called her to ask if she was interested in working on marketing and station relations for a public television program we were distributing. Since then, Gabriella has grown her business and she is now one of the top station relations consultants in the field. She is creative, a team player, works hard for her clients and most importantly, delivers results. When Gabriella is on a project, I have confidence that she will do all she can to make it a success"

Judy Barlow - VP Business Development, American Public Television/APT Worldwide

"I have worked with Gabriella for over a decade and found her to always be thorough and diligent when it comes to her work on projects. She has worked on numerous projects for OPB and we have always been very pleased with the superb results she gets."

David Davis – VP National Production, Oregon Public Broadcasting OPB

"Gabriella Jones Litchfield has been the vital component to our station relations campaigns. Her understanding of the system, relationship with programmers and marketing savvy have all been instrumental in increasing our carriage for both individual our series as well as one-off specials"

Luis Ortiz - Managing Director, Latino Public Broadcasting

"I love working with Gabriella, she is not only a consummate professional, but also the most engaging and down to earth person you will ever meet. It is those qualities that endear her to you and make people take notice of our product. She has the gift of drawing a person in while subtlety selling them confidence in us. Gabriella's style is definitely not hard sell but she always manages to make people want what we have to offer."

Leanne Ferrer - Executive Director, Pacific Islanders in Communications

"Gabriella was outstanding to work with and helped me achieve national carriage above and beyond my goal. She was organized, a highly efficient communicator and provided regular updates throughout the campaign. I really appreciated how thoughtful she was about the "big picture" including timing of messaging and outside factors that could affect pickup. I highly recommend Gabriella and will continue to use her services on future projects!"

Sara Robertson - VP Production & Technology, KLRU-TV / Austin PBS

"Gabriella got our television show excellent results by doubling our goal. We were ecstatic! It’s all because of Gabriella’s stellar marketing plan and public television relationships that we achieved that. Not only does she get successful results, but she is a joy to work with and has taught me so much as a newcomer to the public television world.

Patricia Kelikani - Producer, Mound City Films

"We can directly attribute the successful launch of our APT series to the work well-coordinated between our representing station and Gabriella Jones-Litchfield.  Gabriella has long-standing and healthy relationships with the programming community.  She is respectful and sensitive to their preferences and in turn, they respond with consideration.  We’ve come to rely on her forthright and creative input and consider Gabriella as an integral part of our production family."

Art Wolfe - Host and Producer of Art Wolfe’s Travels to the Edge

"I have been working with Gabriella for three years now. It is a pleasure to work with her as she is very well structured and always meets deadlines. She is very engaged with her tasks and has a professional and strategic approach to projects. We at Tellus Works production company are indeed very satisfied with her work"

Caroline Oigarden – Executive Producer, Perfect Day / New Scandinavian Cooking  

"Gabriella is one of the smartest, savviest people I know.  In the many years I have known her; I have found her to be amazingly thorough and thoughtful in her approach to her work.  She really understands the peculiarities of the public television system and knows how to navigate so as to maximize the opportunities while avoiding the pitfalls.  And, importantly, she is a delight to work with!"

Debbi Hinton –  Former Executive VP Operations & CFO KCET

 "Gabriella’s the greatest!  

Katie Brown – Host & Producer of Katie Brown Workshop

"Gabriella's station relation services are always handled professionally, courteously and with top-notch results. She is a respected professional in the public television world and always a pleasure to work with"

Wanda Urbanska  - Host & Producer of Simple Living With Wanda Urbanska

"Gabriella Jones Litchfield knows the public television marketplace inside and out.  She has cordial relationships with programmers around the country who have come to trust her good judgment.  She is an excellent campaign strategist, is precise and prompt in her reporting, and is always a pleasure to work with."

Tom Weidlinger -  Producer, Moira Productions

“Working with Gabriella has been productive and rewarding. While taking care of business is number one, Gabriella is a pleasure to communicate with. Her personality and sense of timing along with a sense of humor have made her a favorite of the programmers I have spoken with. I have always looked forward to my conversations and emails with Gabriella and will be working with her as long as she will have me.”

Nick Molle – Host & Producer of a Walk in the Park / Real Rocky







Gabriella Jones-Litchfield

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  • Mobile: 503.341.6685
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